Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tyler's new club!

Okay, I just wanted to share with you what my son came home from school with. He came home yesterday and told me he and some of his friends started a new club (are you ready for this)- The Idiot Club!!! Now if that isn't something to be proud of I don't know what is. I just started laughing and he was really confused. I'm not sure he even knows what that word means. One of his friends thought of it and they are recruiting members of their class to join. Oh to be a seven year old boy!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Garrett's Blessing!

Well, our little man is growing up. He was blessed in Church on Sunday January 18.

Rich's Dad and sister Ranelle were able to come and spend a few days with us. We had a great time having them here. We were able to go to Liberty and Independence for a few hours and had a great time. Thanks for coming out to see us. We really miss you.

Garrett is all smiles now and is so much fun. He is trying to talk to us, but hasn't gotten there yet.

All the crew!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Okay, I'm posting lots tonight trying to catch up. So make sure you read all of the posts. I had to share one last little thing. Our bedtime routine is to read scriptures, say prayers and then tuck the kids into bed. Well, we always start with Dakota and Paris for some reason. So we were in saying goodnight and tucking them in. I gave Dakota a kiss and she wiped it off. I asked her why she always wipes away my kisses. "Because I don't want them to stay on me." Okay, so then I go to give Paris a kiss and she tells me she doesn't want a kiss. Now I kiss my kids almost every night before bed, so I was shocked. So I walked out of the room and onto the next child who needed to be tucked in. Paris starts crying and yelling for me (this is a normal occurance- the child always has something wrong with her). So I walk in a she is in tears saying "you didn't kiss me goodnight" over and over. It was so sweet. So I kissed her goodnight, the tears stopped and she went to sleep. This is why I love being a mom.

Happy Birthday to Tyler!

Tyler turned 7 years old on the 7th. I can't believe he is so old. We had a pretty low key day and will have a birthday party for him on the 17th. Yes I know that is a long ways from his birthday but I couldn't plan a party any sooner. I was actually trying to convince him and Dakota to forgo a party and we would get a Wii. Dakota wanted a party so badly that we decided to throw them both a party. So on Tyler's birthday, Garrett and I took doughnuts to his class at school. The kids were so excited to see Tyler's baby. They asked me all sorts of fun questions like "Is he dead?" and "Does he have eyes?" Of course the baby was sleeping. Tyler was so proud to show off his brother. Then we had our friends, the Lassen's, over for dinner. Steve's birthday is the same day. So I made hawaiian haystacks (Tyler's favorite) and Dani made an ice cream cake. It was yummy. Then they blew out their candles and opened their presents. It was really fun.

Trip to Atlanta

Well off we headed for Atlanta. The kids were great. A couple hours into our trip Savannah decides to throw up all over herself and she wouldn't use a bucket. So we stopped and cleaned her up. Then Garrett decided to throw up a couple hours later. So we are off to a great start. But the kids were fantastic on this long journey. It is a 141/2 hour drive to my moms house. So we were in the car all day only stopping when necessary. Then they got to play with their cousins and play the Wii. They had a great time. Paris and Josh became great friends and they are two peas in a pod. They are very mischievious (spell?) together. They would dissappear and when it got too quiet everyone went on a search to find them. It was fun to watch them together. We spent New Year's Eve at mom's house. Lindsay and her family came over and we played the Wii and dominoes. The kids actually made it until midnight, except for Josh (I think). We were all pretty tired. Mom broke out the fireworks and the sparkling cider and we all toasted. The kids thought this was so much fun. We had so much fun visiting with family and letting the kids play with their cousins. The first day we went to Lindsay's house Josh kept asking Lindsay where "her people" were. I got a good laugh out of that. Thanks Lindsay for letting us come and crash at your house and Thanks mom for all that you do for us. We really had a great time. Oh Lindsay, Dakota wants to know if her cousins are going to come to her birthday party? I told her they lived far away, but she assured me that they would make it because they like her and want to come. So don't break her heart!!! Just kidding.

Christmas time catch up

Well, I haven't posted in so long and I have so much to catch up on. We have certainly been busy. Christmas was lots of fun at our house. The kids got lots of presents and toys. Christmas Eve we had some of our friends come over for dinner. We had the kids sort of dress up for the nativity and we read the Christmas story out of the bible. Then we opened our pj's and went to bed. We had no presents under our tree up to this point. Savannah is into everything and we didn't want the other kids to know what they got until Christmas morning!! They were excited to see lots of presents under the tree. Tyler keeps telling his friends that he didn't get anything he asked for from Santa. Well, he asked for a Nintendo DS and a Wii about a week before Christmas. Santa had already done his shopping and that wasn't on the list. But he'll get over it and maybe next year he'll get something that he "asked" for. Then we spent the rest of the day opening all of their gifts and doing laundry. We headed for Atlanta the next morning and I hadn't done any laundry or packed. Yep, I'm a big procrastinator.