Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm on my own now!

Well, my mom is gone and Rich went back to work. I keep wondering what I'm going to do with five kids by myself. I'm feeling very out numbered, yet very blessed. We had a great time with my mom here. We kept very busy. I didn't realize how tired I was until we got home from the airport and all I wanted to do was sleep. While mom was here we went and cut down our Christmas tree and went on a sleigh ride in the snow (mom stayed in the car with Garrett-she didn't want to get snowed on!) We baked lots of goodies, we decorated sugar cookies with the kids and went shopping for Christmas presents. We also went to Longview Lake and looked at the Christmas lights. They do a huge display of lights and they are so fun to watch. My kids keep asking if we can go back to see the moving lights since they have displays of characters riding skate boards or skiing, etc. It was really cool. We also drove to the plaza to look at lights down there. I've decided that driving all the way to the plaza to look at lights on buildings is quite boring. I'd rather look at lights in the neighborhood, they are more exciting. Anyway, we kept busing while mom was here and I was sad that she had to go home. Paris keeps walking around the house looking for Grammie and I know that Savannah misses her. Grammie would hold Savannah when I was holding the baby- yes she is spoiled. Well, Garrett is getting big way too fast. I can't believe how long it takes for the nine months to get here and then how quickly they grow up. It seems it should be the opposite. This is my last baby and I'm trying to cherish every moment. Although I'm struggling to enjoy this adjustment period that my family is going through. The kids have not been very good since we brought the baby home and I hope this will pass soon. I finally got so frustrated this morning that I broke down in tears. They didn't understand why I was sad and I told them that I just wanted them to behave and it made me sad that they weren't getting along with each other. They all told me they would try, but soon forgot as they were fighting about 5 minutes later. Oh well, this too shall pass- I hope. Well, I'm just rambling on so I'll stop but I wanted to post some cute pictures of the kids.
Isn't he so cute?
Paris and Dakota waiting for the Christmas tree to be bagged. Tyler ended up in the car after about 10 minutes b/c he was too cold.
Decorating cookies is so much fun.
My sweet baby boy.
Grammie with Garrett before she left.
Paris and Savannah are such big helpers when it comes to taking pictures.