Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So I need to write this down before I forget! Dakota, 5 years old, has been wanting a necklace. When we were in Provo a couple of weeks ago, we were at the mall and she saw a diamond necklace in the jewlery store. "Mom, I want that necklace!" Me-Laughing hysterically!!!! I told her to tell her dad! Anyway, we were all cracking up laughing and she was soooo serious.

So she filled out her sticker chart and we were heading to the store to get her a necklace! She said to me "Do I get a diamond necklace today, because they are the prettiest!" Me- "When you get married you can ask your husband for a diamond necklace. You just tell him you want a diamond ring and a diamond necklace!" Dakota- "Well, I want some diamond earrings too! Can I ask him for those too?" Me-"You can ask your husband for whatever you want." She is very excited to now get married and get her diamond necklace, ring and earrings!!!