Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ward Halloween Party

On Friday night we had our ward Halloween Party. It was so much fun. The kids all had a good time. Our ward does a chili cook-off and a trunk or treat. Our ward activities person thought it would be fun to have the Thriller dance performed. I couldn't resist a chance to humiliate myself and decided to participate. I am posting the video and you all need to remember I am 5 weeks away from having a baby, so be kind! (the video is at the end, so as not to distract from the rest of my blog!)

I realized at the party how big Tyler is getting and it made me sad to think how fast he is growing up. I saw him as I was standing in line to get food and during the costume parade they had for the kids. The rest of the time he was off with his friends. He came and found me in line for the costume parade and told me that he decided he would come walk with me. I felt very privileged. He also informed me that he missed my dance. I asked him, jokingly, what kind of son he was for missing my awesome dance!! He said he was sorry and that he watched some of it from the hallway. He had been tortured enough by coming to all of the rehearsals. Then during the trunk or treat he informed me that he was going around by himself. I asked him to just walk with me and the girls, but he was too big to go with mom! Well, I ended up losing Dakota too. So Paris and I walked the parking lot and then she was tired and buckled into her seat and proceeded to eat her candy (I thought she was tired!). The kids got lots of candy (I'm contemplating passing it back out on Halloween) and they had a blast with there friends.

Savannah is pouting because I took her binky so I could get a picture of her. Notice she wouldn't look at me? This is her universal face of I'm mad, embarrassed, sad, etc.

Dakota with her pretty Barbie dress! She is getting so big.

This is my sad attempt at being a zombie. I haven't done stage make-up since high school (luckily, you can't see it very well in this small picture). Tyler helped me with the dress. He took it to our flower bed outside and got it dirty. Then the kids wondered why I was cutting up my dress. I had to explain it was only a costume and they should NEVER cut up anything other than paper!
Paris was not real thrilled to have to be in the parade. She cried at me the whole time.

Now on to the video. We all had a good time learning this dance. It was also fun to get to know some of the other people in our ward that I don't know every well. Thanks to Adam for teaching us the dance!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Cider Mill

For play group we went to the cider mill and had a little tour. We had doughnuts and cider (my kids would not eat the doughnuts for some reason) and then went on a hay ride. It was fun. I took a few pictures of the kids and thought I would share them. It was pretty cold that day, but luckily no rain.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weekend in Illinois

I finally got out of Kansas City!!! I like to get away every now and then and this past weekend I got that opportunity. We met my mom and brother in southwestern illinois. There wasn't much there but we got to see family. Friday, Rich took the day off work and Tyler was already out of school for end of the quarter. As we started to leave, Rich noticed the tire on the driver's side of the car was flat. We stopped to fill it up and noticed a nail in the tire. Rich told me that we needed to get it fixed before we could leave. I wasn't happy, but new that was the safest thing to do. After driving around for about an hour to find someone to fix it, we passed a little tire shop. They were able to get us right in and fixed in about 10 minutes. What a blessing. I know that we were being watched over, even if I didn't have the best attitude!! Then off we went. Paris got sick the night we got there, so she and Rich stayed at the hotel while the rest of us went to dinner. Saturday, we went swimming and then got ready for the wedding. My mom's adopted sister, Georgia, got married. The Wedding was beautiful and at a friends house. The kids had a blast with the other kids there and enjoyed being outside. After the wedding we went to dinner with the groom's family. It was really fun and luckily we were outside and the kids didn't have to be quiet.
My bother, Brennon, decided that kids need an off switch. He thought it would be pretty cool if you could put the kids in bed and turn off their switch and then go out. I laughed at him and told him that is what we call a babysitter!!! He said that would cost money and wouldn't work. We determined that he is not ready for kids. I was cracking up at dinner, because he said that he needed a drink from being with the kids all day. He didn't even have to take care of them. It was really good to see mom and Brennon. Oh, Savannah even went to mom's room to spend the night at the hotel. She wanted to go with Grammie. I was really shocked. Then about 12:30 a.m. Rich woke me up and told me he could hear her crying. So I went and got her. She woke up very confused because she didn't know the people in the room. But even a couple of hours is a nice break!!! Then Sunday we headed home. We had a really good time. Thanks mom and Brennon for meeting us. We sure do miss you all and can't wait to see you when the baby comes.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Conference Weekend.

So, as most of you know it was General Conference this weekend. What a wonderful conference it was. I wasn't able to hear all of the talks, due to loud kids and arguing with little boy about listening to conference, but what I did hear was great. I am so excited about the announcement of the temple coming to Kansas City. I was just screaming with excitement and Dakota started yelling "We're getting a temple." I'm not sure she even really knows what that means, but it was cute.

On Friday night, we had a ward bonfire. It was really fun. We went to Cedar Lake and roasted marshmellows (well, Rich helped the kids) and visited with friends. Then on Saturday night, I decided to invite a few friends over with their kids for ice cream while the men were at the Priesthood session of Conference. We had a fun time. Thanks to all of you who came. I think we had about 30 people here and 23 of them were kids. The kids all played in the basement and it was surprisingly less chaotic than I thought it would be. When it was time to leave we decided to come down and clean up real fast. Well, to my surprise the kids had been playing in the bathroom. The door to the closet in the bathroom had been broken. Rich was home by then and told me not to worry about it. Then he said we really don't need a door on that closet anyway. Well you tell me if you would want a door.
This used to be a fish tank and the closet door would allow privacy in the bathroom. Anyway, Rich tried to fix the door but it is broken. Well, despite the door, we had a great time.

Sunday came and the kids were bored with conference. So I decided to paint their toes and fingers to keep them occupied.

Well, last year Tyler had painted my finger nails at school for Mother's Day. He thought that he should be the one to do all of the painting from now on. Dakota was nice enough to let him practice on her toes. Although, she kept telling him he wasn't doing it right.
Then he wanted to do mine, but I told him no. I should have let him because I could barely bend over to paint them myself. It was a fun weekend and we are very blessed to be able to listen to the prophets and apostles at home.